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Tugure Submit Insurance Claims to Business Partners

17 Oct 2019
Tugure Submit Insurance Claims to Business Partners

Bali, October 17, 2019 – Tugure took the golden opportunity at the 25th Indonesia Rendezvous event, not only as the sole Diamond sponsor but also conducted a symbolic handover of 3 (three) insurance claims worth USD 7,332,356 to PT Simas Reinsurance Broker (Simas Re) for the payment of the Business Interruption Pulp & Paper Factory claim, USD 6,852,636 to Tugu Insurance for the payment of the Marine Hull claim in 2019, and IDR 17,991,088,591 to PT Reasuransi Maipark Indonesia (Maipark) for the payment of the Earthquake claims in Lombok and Palu, held in the Hospitality Room Uluwatu 1 – Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center I.

In this claim handover ceremony, the symbolic claim recipients from Simas Re were represented by Mr. Harris Sitompul, President Director of Simas Re; from Tugu Insurance, Mr. Andy Samuel, Technical Director; and from Maipark, Mr. Ahmad Fauzie Darwis, President Director. Mr. Ade Kananda, Director of Operations, was assigned to represent Tugure in handing over the symbolic claims.

Not only that, Tugure also signed an Agreement on Delivery and Acceptance of Softcopy Documents (Paperless Document). This was done to invite Tugure's business partners present to participate in the Go Green - Paperless Document program together with Tugure.

The signing was carried out between Tugure, represented by Mr. Syaiful Azhar, Technical Director, and Asuransi Bina Dana Arta (ABDA), represented by Mr. Julien Pierre Combaret, Director, along with Ms. Ratih Lestarini, Head of Reinsurance Division, and Links Re, represented by Mr. Mulyadi, Director.

Mr. Syaiful Azhar stated, "The delivery and acceptance system of softcopy documents is crucial, not only to support the government's go green program but also to improve efficiency in terms of delivery cost, time, and location. In the future, this cooperation will be enhanced in terms of quality and expanded with other business partners."

Briefly about Softcopy Document Delivery and Acceptance (Paperless Document)

Softcopy document delivery and acceptance refer to a means of delivering Reinsurance Slips, Preliminary Loss Advice, and/or other related documents in electronic data form, through email using the Portable Document Format (PDF) with an electronically signed signature. This will be managed by a system called the Electronic Document System.

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