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The provision of excellent service will strengthen our reputation as a reinsurance company and help us to achieve Tugure vision. Thus, we seek to understand the needs of our clients in order to provide the best solution with great benefits to all customers and serve them better.



Tugure has an experienced claims team that are valued by the market in handling and leading claims in its areas of operations, covering all lines of business. We know that when an incident or event occurs, it is not only about insurance. It is about service, support and turnaround time which our clients value most.

The proactive approach of the team in working closely with the assured, the broker and the underwriting teams is aimed at effectively understanding different points of view while explaining our position in a very reasonable, fair and honest way. We believe in open and regular communication during the claims process with the different stakeholders.

Business continuity plans and disaster recovery plans are in place to ensure that service to our customers continues uninterrupted in case of unforeseen circumstances. When a major catastrophe event occurs, our claims team visits the clients to assess the situation and to gain first-hand information, in order to better assist the client.

While claims are unfortunate, we believe they are a learning experience for our team to provide our customers with the best underwriting solutions and support in their immediate and future needs, as we believe in long term relationships.

We value your business and will do our utmost to meet our commitments to earn your trust

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Risk Engineering Service

As corporations grow, many recognise that investing in loss prevention is more cost-effective than paying for the loss itself. As small to medium sized companies grow, they also need help to build their risk management capabilities and structures

An improperly managed risk can be very costly when operational incidents or natural catastrophes occur. They can be costly to human lives and cause property damage with the consequent loss of revenue or profits.

We, Tugu Re Risk Engineering Services, help our client to do risk identification and mitigation for underwriting process and insured interest. With appropriate risk identification and mitigation will give effectiveness in underwriting process and determine suitable methods for insured’s risk management.

Tugu Re Risk Engineering Services provide property and marine hull risk survey along with risk assessment with comprehensive report which adapts (follow) international standards. Our risk engineer will help you to decide the most suitable risk management program and solution to optimize your business.

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