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Why Modern Women Should Have Insurance

In House Magazine
18 Sep 2019
Why Modern Women Should Have Insurance

Being a career woman comes with double responsibilities. However, it is not surprising, especially in big cities, to see many women who, in addition to being homemakers, also pursue careers in specific fields.

This reality has an impact on the lives of modern women today. One of them is the choice of insurance needed to cover various risks.

Here are some recommended types of insurance for modern women:

  1. Pregnancy Insurance and Maternity Insurance

It is natural for women to become pregnant and become mothers. Childbirth can involve significant financial risks, and it is important to have protection in case of the need for a cesarean section or other medical procedures. Therefore, modern women should consider having pregnancy insurance and maternity insurance to ensure the health of themselves and their child.

  1. Health Insurance for Protection against Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is a feared disease among women, especially modern women who are more vulnerable due to their urban lifestyle. Moreover, data shows that 40 Indonesian women are at high risk of cervical cancer every day. Many insurance companies now offer protection against the risk of cervical cancer. However, it is important to note that if you want to utilize this type of insurance, early screening is crucial. Insurance coverage typically starts from the early stages of the disease to advanced and final stages.

  1. Health Insurance for Protection against Breast Cancer

This type of insurance coverage should be inquired about with an insurance agent due to its importance. Breast cancer is the leading cause of death among women in Indonesia. Make sure to ask comprehensive questions about this insurance program to a trusted insurance agent.

  1. Pure Life Insurance

Pure life insurance is a crucial type of insurance for modern women. No one can predict when a tragedy may strike, especially if a woman works in an environment prone to work-related accidents. Life insurance provides benefits and positive impacts for the policyholder and the entire insured family. In case of any unfortunate event, life insurance can be utilized as a potential financial protection measure.

Having these insurance policies ensures that modern women can have peace of mind and financial protection in various circumstances.

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