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Tugure Talkshow: The Increasingly Significant Role of Women

22 Dec 2023
Tugure Talkshow: The Increasingly Significant Role of Women

Jakarta — The role of women in various sectors of life is becoming increasingly significant. This contribution is believed to continue growing to support the improvement of the quality of life in Indonesian society.

This was revealed in a Talkshow held by PT Tugu Reasuransi Indonesia (Tugure) as part of an event titled "Women in Insurance: Chasing Dreams and Becoming Leaders" in Jakarta on Thursday (21/22). This annual ceremony was attended by female executives in the insurance industry to appreciate the role of women and as part of the celebration of Mother's Day.

Tugure's Corporate Secretary, Yuliani Winarsih, who hosted the talkshow, stated that the event brought together two experienced female executives: Senior Manager Property & Construction McLarens Maria Widiasusanty and Deputy Assistant for Investment in Maritime and Investment Affairs, Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment Farah Heliantina.

"We organize this event continuously, except during the Covid-19 pandemic, to inspire more women to enter a world dominated by men," she expressed.

Farah Heliantina acknowledged that her mother was her inspiration in her career. Her mother, in her memory, was a resilient woman who always strived to provide the best for her children.

"That also drove me to at least be like my mother. So, I can be an inspiration to my children," she emphasized.

Thanks to her mother's upbringing, Farah admitted that she did not find it difficult to play a dual role in everyday life. The dual role of women is related to career or work on one side and domestic or household affairs on the other.

She admitted that from an early age, her mother inspired her to be diligent in managing time so that she could complete all tasks thoroughly.

"Indirectly trained by my mother to organize time. Trained since childhood so that now I can manage my career, children, and family well," she explained.

Meanwhile, Maria Widiasusanty admitted that her profession as a loss adjuster in the insurance industry was previously known as a field dominated by men. However, she clarified that more and more women are now engaging in this profession.

"I prove that this profession can also be done by women," she explained.

To achieve her current position, Maria admitted that she always stays focused on her goals or targets. According to her, these goals serve as a guide that always motivates her in her career.

"Before doing something, what is the goal? That's what motivates me, the goal. The goal strengthens me," she concluded.

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