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Tugure Implements the ISO 37001: 2016 Anti-Bribery Management System

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01 Mar 2023
Tugure Implements the ISO 37001: 2016 Anti-Bribery Management System

The target of the implementation of ISO 37001: 2016: 2016 SMAP) is a goal, which is "there is no place for bribery". The bribery itself according to point 3.1 from ISO 37001: 2026 is defined as offering, promising, giving, receiving, or asking for non -profitable profits from any value (in the form of finance or non -financial), direct or indirect, regardless of location, is a violation of laws and regulations -Andangan, as persuasion or gift for people who act or refrain from acting related to the performance of the person's task.

One form of transaction that can be included in the bribery category is gratification. Gratification itself includes giving money, goods, recount (discounts), commissions, loans without interest, travel tickets, lodging facilities, travel, free medical trips, and other facilities both accepted domestically and abroad and carried out with using electronic facilities or without electronic facilities. According to Article 12B paragraph (1) of Law No.31/1999 jo Law No. 20/2001, "Every gratification to civil servants or state administrators is considered bribery, when dealing with their positions and contrary to their obligations or duties".

But bribery and gratification itself has differences, which are as follows:

  1. Bribery:
  • Breaking is a form of giving goods, money, promises, and other forms aimed at influencing decision making from the recipient of the bribery.
  • Bribery always involves active providers generally accompanied by an agreement between the two parties.
  • Often, bribery perpetrators try to cover up gifts through various ways.
  • Aim to influence decision making.
  1. Gratification:
  • Giving in a broad sense, which includes giving money, goods, rebates (discounts), commissions, interest loans, travel tickets, lodging facilities, travel, and other fascity
  • Purpose for giving prizes.
  • Every gratification will be analyzed the extent to which the gift is related to the position of the recipient and the links to their obligations and duties.

In 2021, PT Tugu Reasurance Indonesia (Tugure) was committed to carrying out good corporate governance principles related to anti-bribery with policies as follows:

  1. Prevent bribery practices and the like in the corporate environment;
  2. Comply with legislation and other applicable regulations related to anti-bribery;
  3. Harmonize anti -bribery policies with company objectives;
  4. Providing corporate governance that supports the achievement of the company's anti -bribery objectives;
  5. Ensure commitment to fulfilling the requirements of anti -bribery management system;
  6. Encourage an increase in anti -bribery awareness to the ranks of related stakeholders;
  7. Carry out the principle of continuous improvement in the anti -bribery management system;
  8. Provide responsibility, authority, and independence to the anti -bribery compliance function team;
  9. Provide sanctions to violators of provisions in anti -bribery management system policies.

Tugure is controlling gratification based on the Decree of the Directors of PT Tugu Reasurance Indonesia No. concerning Guidelines for handling gratification, where for each Tugurean (Tugure employee) is prohibited directly or indirectly provides gratification to every party who has a business relationship or competitor of PT Tugu Reasurance Indonesia which aims to obtain information or something that is not justified by the provisions of the regulation legislation or to influence the party in question to do and/or not do something related to his position/position.

So Tugure has given a statement of integrity which reads 'every human being of PT Tugu Reasurance Indonesia will declare integrity related to the application of the anti -bribery management system in the integrity pact'. Socialization related to anti -bribery has also been carried out internally in the company, to every new employee, and to business partners/business partners/stakeholders.

Furthermore, Tugure has set limits on administration, which is as follows:

  1. Gratification is allowed as long as it is intended to foster good relations with business partners within the limits of fairness and not aim to carry out bribery or something that is not the obligation of the company legally to the relevant party;
  2. Gratification is not allowed in cash (cash payment) ';
  3. Gratification is not allowed in forms that violate decency and law;
  4. Gratification in the form of goods for the purpose of promotion of the Company is permitted, required to include the Company's logo which is an inseparable part of the intended goods;
  5. Giving a meeting honorarium to a business partner, is allowed as a form of appreciation to the contribution of thought and all the donations that have been given to the company with The granting of a meeting honorarium to the business partner, is allowed as a form of appreciation to the contribution of thought and the existence that has been given to the Company with the amount of the honorarium is still within the limits of reasonableness;
  6. Meeting is allowed as long as it meets the reasonable value and is carried out in a respectable place and still becomes the positive image of the Company.

The limitations of the permitted gratification are as follows:

  1. Receive promotional objects that include the logo/name of the provider company, with limitations that must be fulfilled entirely as follows:
    - Logo, the name of the company/party that gives listed and becomes an inseparable part of the object;
    - objects that do not have high financial niaiai such as placard books and so on;
    - Does not violate the applicable legal provisions and decency.
  2. Receiving Honorarium as a speaker or resource person in an event held by a business partner as a form of appreciation for the contribution of thought and expertise given, with a fairly considered amount and does not intend to influence the tugurean to do and/or do not do anything related to his position/position;
  3. Receive entertainment [entertainment] in the following limits:
    - Not carried out continuously by business partners to Tugurean;
    - If the refusal of entertainment is feared to affect the business relationship between the company and the business partner;
    - Does not interfere with the work time of the relevant Tugurean;
    - Not holding talks that can cause conflicts of interest.

In addition, Tugure also controls by implementing a whistleblowing system, which has an understanding of the disclosure of violations or disclosures of acts that are against the law, unethical/immoral acts or other acts that can harm the organization or stakeholders carried out by employees or leaders of the organization to the leadership other organizations or institutions that can take action on these violations. Where everyone can report if there is fraud, violation of law or regulations, bribery or gratification, conflict of interest, and/or unethical behavior.
Reporting media for controlling whistleblowing system are as follows:

  • Email:
  • Letter: WBS Internal Audit addressed to the Tugure Building Jl. Raden Saleh No. 50, Cikini Menteng - Central Jakarta 10330 with reporting information in the form of:
  1. The name of the violator
  2. Acts of indications of known violations
  3. Where the act is carried out
  4. When the act is carried out
  5. Anyone involved
  6. How violations are committed
  7. At least 2 (two) evidence supporting the report

The company will provide the confidentiality protection of the reporter's identity against things that can harm the reporter and their families. In addition, the reporter is allowed to report anonymous.

Call FKAP / FKAP Secretariat if you need information or guidance.
CALL FKAP / FKAP Secretariat If you need to raise concerns.

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