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Tugure Holds Joint Blood Donation

10 Mar 2023
Tugure Holds Joint Blood Donation

Jakarta - PT Tugu Reasuransi Indonesia (Tugure) is holding a social service program entitled "Blood Donation with Tugure",  at Tugure head office in Jakarta, Friday (10/6).

Tugure Technical Director Fadlil Iswahyudi explained that the program was held to help supply blood to the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI). For that, his party cooperates with PMI Central Jakarta.

Later, the results of the blood donation will be entrusted to PMI Central Jakarta to be managed and given to those in need.

"As we all know, the stock of blood supplies at PMI is always lacking to supply the needs of those who need it. Tugure in his efforts to help out a little in this regard, establishes a CSR program in the health sector through blood donation activities," explained Fadlil.

He said this blood donation activity was intended for the Tugu Group. Apart from Tugure employees, a number of parties from the company's business partners are also involved in this social activity.

His party hopes to collect at least 100 blood bags through the Blood Donation program with Tugure.

"On this occasion we are targeting to get 100 blood bags."

Fadlil detailed that blood donation activities are a routine program that is carried out by Tugure on an ongoing basis and at least once a year. The Blood Donation with Tugure which is being held today is the fourth blood donation activity held by the company.

The activity is part of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) program in the health sector.

Fadlil explained that in general Tugure focuses on several areas in implementing CSR programs ranging from education, environment, religion, social and health.

"In social terms, Tugure pays special attention to the Sayap Ibu Foundation, which is a place for children with multiple disabilities. In the health sector, what we do besides blood donation is mass circumcision," he said.

As is well known, Tugure implements CSR on an ongoing basis and is in line with the sustainable development goals or SDG's points by focusing on four aspects namely Education Aspects, Food Security Aspects, Health Aspects, and Gender Equality Aspects.

In addition, Tugure has also carried out CSR activities on Environmental, Economic and Disaster Response Aspects.

In the educational aspect, for example, since 2013 Tugure has been running a Study and Work (BnB) program in order to improve the quality of resources and the quality of education, especially in developing the potential of human resources in the insurance sector.

Through this program, Tugure provides opportunities for prospective students with outstanding achievements from Public High Schools (SMU) and or equivalent, to take part in a 3-year D3 education program organized by the Trisakti College of Management and Insurance Risk (STIMRA).

While on the aspect of food security, TuguRe has collaborated with the DKI Jakarta Province National Amil Zakat Agency or Baznas (Bazis) to distribute 1,260 free food packages through the "Everyone Can Eat" program which was held in the Cikini area, Central Jakarta.

Meanwhile, Tugure's commitment to carrying out corporate social responsibility is in accordance with the mandate of shareholders, regulators and all stakeholders. Program implementation is also carried out in a transparent manner so that the entire course of the activity process can take place in an orderly and smooth manner.

"Not only by the management but also all layers and groups of parties involved and supporting the implementation of the program so that they know the flow and objectives of the activities and take part or participate in the implementation of the CSR program," he concluded.

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