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Tips for Claiming a Car Insurance Policy

In House Magazine
02 Aug 2019
Tips for Claiming a Car Insurance Policy

Having a vehicle such as a car should be able to protect it with insurance. Car Insurance itself provides protection in the event of an accident involving your car through an agreed insurance policy.

If all Claim requirements have been met, the insurance company is required to provide coverage in accordance with the insurance policy.

In the process of claiming Car Insurance, the insurance company will first check the validity of the policy. If the policy meets the verification requirements and the claim submitted is also in accordance with the contents of the policy, the insurance company will pay the claim to the customer

So, here are seven things that must be considered so that your car insurance claim can be approved:

1. The policyholder must avoid things that are excluded in the policy such as being late to report a claim from the reporting deadline, the driver does not have a driving license, the reported claim is not guaranteed in the policy, the reported claim is included in the exclusion clause in the policy.

2. Complete claim documents, such as a filled claim form, photocopy of insurance policy, driver's license, vehicle registration, certificate from the police.

3. The insured's vehicle is not used for unlawful acts.

4. If you have an accident, don't forget to provide evidence by first documenting the state of your vehicle after the accident.

5. Pay attention to the area of coverage whether it is in accordance with the contents of the policy.

6. Do not make the damage that occurs is intentional damage by the insured.

7. Understanding the causes of covered accidents Before submitting a claim directly, you also need to read clearly about the policies provided by the insurance company.

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