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Tips for Choosing the Best Health Insurance

In House Magazine
20 Jul 2019
Tips for Choosing the Best Health Insurance

Interested in buying health insurance? Although many companies offer insurance with facilities that have. However, you need to be selective to choose.

Because insurance is not like buying a return item that can be returned if it doesn't feel right.

So, to help choose the best health insurance, consider the following 5 points:

1. Understand Needs
Understand exactly what is the main need in insurance. This is so that you can find out which health insurance is most suitable for your needs, so that the benefits you get will be maximized.

If you have a family, choose a service that can cover all family members. That way, you only need to use one insurance policy for all family members at a lower cost.

2. Determine the Budget From the Premium Amount
The amount of premium generally depends on how many things will be borne by the insurer, as well as the risk profile of the insured. For example, health insurance that only guarantees hospitalization may have cheaper premiums than health insurance that provides both inpatient and outpatient benefits.

Then for those of you who are 40 years old and smoke, you will most likely be charged higher insurance premiums than those who are 30 years old and don't smoke. So, make sure the amount of premium you choose covers all the health costs you need and of course it's within your budget.

3. Get to know the Insurance System
Regarding the health insurance claim system, there are two types, namely reimbursement and cashless. These two methods will obviously be a big consideration because they have their own rules and policies.

The reimbursement scheme is carried out by paying all maintenance costs in advance, then later you claim the receipt to the relevant insurance company. Meanwhile, the cashless system is considered more practical.

4. Insurance Company Network
Every well-known insurance company usually has cooperation with many hospitals. Ask the affordability of the hospital provider affiliated with the insurance service.

If necessary, don't just go to the hospital near where you live, but also provide coverage to various cities in Indonesia.

5. Make Comparisons
Finally, make a comparison between one health insurance company and another. This comparison is important so that you are not confused by the many insurance products that offer various benefits.

In addition to health insurance, it is important to realize that having health insurance is part of more focused financial management. You don't even need to bother setting up an emergency fund anymore, because everything has been automatically allocated to health insurance premiums.

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