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The Importance of Credit Insurance for Your Loans

In House Magazine
27 Jul 2019
The Importance of Credit Insurance for Your Loans

Not only does it have benefits for life, insurance is also useful for applying for your credit. Credit Insurance serves to provide protection for your credit or loans.

Just like other insurance functions, Credit Insurance is tasked with helping you when you experience bottlenecks in paying your monthly installments. In other words, this insurance will move if the debtor dies. Where debtors who do not have insurance will transfer their debts to their heirs.

Meanwhile, the debtor who dies and has life insurance will not burden the debtor's heirs, even this insurance will move by paying off the debt from the debtor. Therefore, credit insurance has a role that is as important as life insurance.

In the beginning, not all banks, both government banks and private banks, included insurance in terms of credit. But now, credit insurance has begun to spread and apply to almost all types of banks. This is done in order to provide protection to each of its customers if bad things happen to them.

One example is when the debtor dies. This is done so that there are no losses, either from the Bank or from the debtor, and the problem will be solved by the movement carried out by the credit insurance work system.

In applying for credit insurance, of course you still have to research how safe it is to use credit insurance. One example is to find out what things can make this credit insurance work.

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