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The Importance of Health Insurance in Your Life

In House Magazine
28 Jun 2019
The Importance of Health Insurance in Your Life

Health is the most important part that must be maintained. In addition to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you should also be able to protect yourself with a health insurance program. Know why?

Health insurance is one of the financial products that is very important for everyone to have. Not only for now, health insurance is certainly needed until old age.

Here's how to find health insurance that suits you:

1. Find one that suits your abilities
Choose health insurance according to your needs and economic capabilities. Believe it or not, health insurance is a basic need and will be very useful for your retirement.

2. Look for health insurance that provides complete protection
Before choosing health insurance, you should consider a policy that guarantees against serious illnesses. You have to be more careful, because choosing the right insurance product will provide maximum benefits for your health.

3. Do not choose insurance that burdens you
Maybe during productive times, you can still pay premiums with the regular income you receive. However, when you retire and your productivity decreases, it might become a problem for you.

So, look for health insurance that doesn't require you to pay a premium when you retire or are no longer productive.

4. Consider unit linked insurance
Insurance that is designed to go hand in hand with this investment can be used as an option. In the unit link, some funds will be invested, so that it can generate some income. It is from this investment that you can apply for premium leave temporarily, if at any time your finances are uncertain.

5. Set up a health fund
Even though you already have health insurance, you still need to prepare a number of health funds in your finances from now on. This is important, to anticipate if in the future you do not have sufficient funds to pay for the insurance premiums used. This fund will ensure the continuity of health insurance until old age.

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