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Want to Claim Health Insurance? Pay Attention to the Following Five Things

In House Magazine
31 Jul 2019
Want to Claim Health Insurance? Pay Attention to the Following Five Things

Before deciding to choose the type of insurance is to understand the terms in the insurance policy. One term that is often used in insurance policies is a claim.

Claim is a term to refer to requests made by policyholders to obtain benefits from insurance companies.

Different types of insurance, different ways of filing and requirements. One example is Health Insurance. The benefit of having health insurance is that the insurance company will bear the financial risk due to health problems that occur to you and your family according to the coverage provisions in the policy.

Then, how do you submit a claim for Health Insurance?

1. Understand the Insurance Claim Procedure
There are two types of health insurance claim procedures, namely the card system (cashless) and the reimbursement system (reimbursement). In the card system, the insurance company will directly make payments to the hospital. So, you don't need to pay bail and hospital fees. As for the reimbursement system, you usually have to prepare a certain amount of money in advance for medical expenses. Furthermore, the hospital costs that you incur will be reimbursed by the insurance company after you fill out the form and submit an insurance claim.

2. Fill out the Insurance Claim Form
To submit a health insurance claim with a reimbursement system, you need to fill out a form to submit an insurance claim. You must fill out a complete form with all details related to the policyholder. Data ID number/passport number, policy number/membership number, name of policyholder, etc. need to be stated in full. In some forms, you need to fill in data about the hospital, complete with the signature of the doctor who treats you and the hospital stamp.

3. Attach Hospital Bills
Hospital bills usually consist of the patient's identity, diagnosis, action costs, drug costs, doctor's name, and the date of medical treatment. You must carefully examine all the information in the hospital bill. There should be no mistakes related to identity, the amount of fees, and the type of disease being diagnosed. This is because errors in the patient's identity or other information can cause the claim process to be delayed or even rejected by the insurance company.

4. Submit a Claim ASAP
Submitting a health insurance claim using the reimbursement system should not be delayed. Because, insurance companies usually have an expiration date to arrange insurance claims submitted by the insured. If you make a claim after the expiration date, it is certain that your insurance claim will be rejected by the insurance company.

5. Keep Copies of Insurance Claim Files
After submitting a claim, you should still keep a number of copies of the files needed for insurance claims. You can keep photocopied hospital bills and other administrative documents. Keeping copies of insurance claim files will be useful if the insurance company experiences accidental loss of your insurance claim data.

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