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Protect Your Hajj With Insurance

In House Magazine
07 Aug 2019
Protect Your Hajj With Insurance

Performing the pilgrimage is an obligation for Muslims who can afford it. But, you know, among the personal needs that must be prepared, you must also have self-protection when carrying out your worship, namely with hajj insurance.

Just like protection products in general, Hajj insurance also has various benefits that you can get. This protection must be owned by every pilgrim, because it has very important functions and benefits. Want to know, what are they?

Life Protection Guarantee

Hajj travel insurance also has the same function as Hajj insurance savings, where your soul will be protected in the event of death during the pilgrimage. Accidents during the pilgrimage, are included in the Hajj travel insurance.

Health Expenses

Often the pilgrims experience a state of declining health, so they need medical assistance. When you have Hajj travel insurance, all these costs are borne directly by the insurance company.

Lost Items

Hajj travel insurance protects you from losses due to loss and damage to the baggage of the pilgrims on the flight. So you don't need to worry about that.

Travel Delays and Cancellations

You have prepared yourself to go on pilgrimage, but when you want to go but there is a cancellation or delay in departure. Of course, this will upset you, the costs will automatically increase. If you already have travel insurance for Hajj, this will not be a headache for you anymore. The insurance company will take care of it, usually the guarantor will provide protection in the form of providing lodging hotels that work with the airline.

General Requirements for Registering Hajj Insurance

The main requirement for participating in Hajj protection is to have Hajj savings. To open a Hajj savings account, you can open it at banks that have collaborated with the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia to handle matters relating to Hajj departures.

Also prepare important files to register for Hajj savings as well as protection. The following are general requirements that you should know according to the Ministry of Religion:

  1. Religion of Islam;
  2. At least 12 (twelve) years old at the time of registration;
  3. A valid KTP according to domicile or other valid proof of identity;
  4. Family card;
  5. Birth certificate or letter of identification of birth or quote of marriage certificate or diploma;
  6. Saving in the name of the congregation concerned at BPS*) BPIH (Recipient Bank for Hajj Pilgrimage Organizing Fees);
  7. 10 pieces of 3×4 color passport photo with white background with the following conditions:
  • The color of the shirt/veil should contrast with the background.
  • Not wearing official clothes.
  • Not using glasses.
  • At least 80 percent of the face is visible.
  • For female pilgrims to wear Muslim clothing.
  • The governor can add requirements in the form of a domicile certificate

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