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You Need Insurance for Holiday!

In House Magazine
12 Jul 2019
You Need Insurance for Holiday!

Holiday moments with friends, spouse or family are the most enjoyable moments. But, don't let that moment be disrupted by an unpleasant incident. Well, one of the travel insurance products that are usually offered by travel agents can deal with things that can disturb your vacation moments.

What are the benefits that can be obtained from travel insurance? Come on, see the following article.

1. Bear the Cost of Medical Treatment

Falling sick while on vacation is not impossible. To avoid this, travel insurance products can be very helpful. The reason is, travel insurance can provide coverage for your medical care costs.

2. Donations for Death

Of course, things don't want to happen to us. However, if you have travel insurance, there is a sum insured that will be given to your family when you die while traveling. If this happens, at least you don't have to worry too much about your family's survival anymore.

3. Compensation for Delay or Trip Cancellation

When traveling by public transportation, trip delays or cancellations can occur at any time. This of course will harm you as a user of the travel agency's services. Now by having travel insurance, you can receive compensation from the insurance if this happens to you.

For example, you want to go on a plane to go home, but suddenly the plane can't fly that day. Usually you will receive compensation in the form of a free stay at a hotel that cooperates with the airline.

4. Compensation for Lost or Damaged Baggage

This one problem occurs quite often, and maybe even you have experienced it too. If your luggage is damaged or even lost, of course it will be very detrimental and make your vacation moments not as enjoyable as they should be. But don't worry, you can get compensation if you have travel insurance.

5. Bearing Losses Due to Natural Disasters

Natural disaster events are very likely to occur at any time. This will bring losses to you, both in the form of physical, mental and financial losses. If you have travel insurance, all these losses will be borne by the insurance company, so you can feel safer when traveling.

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