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Advantages of Having Insurance at a Productive Age

In House Magazine
14 Aug 2019
Advantages of Having Insurance at a Productive Age

Entering productive makes a person have needs that must be met, one of which is the need for insurance. Then, how important is insurance for millennials who have entered their productive age?

Productive age is the age when a person is still able to work and produce something. Each country has its own productive age limit. In Indonesia, nearly 60 percent of the population are young people who are expected to become the strength of the nation.

Entering a productive age will allow you to determine your life, one of which is having protection for yourself and your family. Until now, insurance is still the people's choice in making financial planning. This is because insurance protects your finances from unexpected risks.

Many ask when is the right time to have insurance? The answer is as early as possible during your productive age. If you can escape parental responsibility and have your own income, it's time for you to find and have the right insurance. Having insurance as early as possible also affects the amount of premium to be paid. The more productive age you are, the cheaper the premium costs that must be paid, and vice versa with the same insurance benefits.

You really have to choose the right insurance before deciding to buy it and life insurance is still the main choice for those of you who already have an income. However, for productive age, there are three types of insurance to choose from, namely life, health and critical illness insurance. Because, these three types of insurance will be the first helper if something bad happens to you.

For heirs, there are several criteria that can be selected. If you are not married, the heir can be given to your parents or siblings, whereas if you are already married, it is better if your partner is the heir.

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