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Enhancing Internal Competence, Tugure Sends Employee to Hong Kong

11 Dec 2023
Enhancing Internal Competence, Tugure Sends Employee to Hong Kong

Hong Kong – In an effort to improve employee competencies in both soft and hard skills, PT Tugu Reasuransi Indonesia (Tugure) has taken proactive step by sending an employee to the international arena. Through the Tugure Apprenticeship Program at Tugu Insurance Company Limited (TIC) in Hong Kong, David Simangunsong has been selected to work for one year as Superintendent Overseas & Reinsurance Division.

"This initiative is part of the company's vision to enter the regional market," said Tugure's HRD & GS Group Head, Eko Susanto.

Before starting his assignment in Hong Kong, in the third quarter of 2023 David underwent On-the-Job Training (OJT) in conjunction with four other candidates, undergoing a one-month training at TIC.

After completing the OJT, participants then took a final presentation exam where they presented reports on their activities during their time at TIC, what they had learned, and innovations they would apply at Tugure upon returning from the OJT program.

Eko conveyed that David was selected as the primary candidate for the Tugure Apprenticeship Program based on evaluations from Tugure's management and TIC representatives.

In his new role as Superintendent Overseas & Reinsurance Division, David is responsible for preparing data for TIC's renewal submission and analyzing inward treaty business offered to TIC. This role aligns with David's current position at Tugure as a Treaty Analyst Junior Executive.

The program is designed to continue annually, targeting different functions to provide insights into all aspects of the company. The program's sustainability will also be evaluated based on David's performance review after one year of working at TIC.

"We hope after returning to Indonesia, David can apply the knowledge and skills gained from TIC, disseminate international work culture to other colleagues, and provide new innovations for the company's development through his job function. Additionally, the collaboration between Tugure and TIC can continue, allowing human resources at Tugure to continually develop in line with regional standards," concluded Eko.

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