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Tugure Cares Sharing in the Holy Month of Ramadhan 1443H

22 Jun 2022
Tugure Cares Sharing in the Holy Month of Ramadhan 1443H

Jakarta - PT Tugu Reasuransi Indonesia (Tugure) continues to carry out social activities as a form of concern for the people who need a helping hand. This time Tugure shared blessings by distributing aid to Hidayatul Mubtaddin Islamic Boarding School located in Karehkel Village, Leuwiliang, Bogor Regency, Friday, April 22, 2022.

Corporate Secretary of Tugure, Yuliani Winarsih, said  that this activity was part of the Safari Ramadhan program, namely the company provided assistance in the form of delivery of livestock seeds and 50 packages of basic necessities and pocket money to all residents of the Islamic boarding school.

"In line with the CSR (corporate social responsibility) program which is routine in nature, this year Tugure has also started to focus on economic alleviation, by providing assistance with sheep livestock seeds. It is hoped that the recipients of the sheep assistance will be able to meet their economic needs if the livestock they raise have children so that the family's economy can be better," said Yuli.

On the same occasion, the leader of the Hidayatul Mubtaddin Islamic Boarding School, R Madrosip, expressed his gratitude to Tugure who has always cared about sharing with the Islamic boarding school which is inhabited by around 35 students and their caregivers. "I did not expect that there would be a company willing to come all the way here for hospitality, let alone giving so many donations," he said.

Madrosip added that the assistance from Tugure greatly relieved his Islamic boarding school which was also affected by the enormity of the Covid-19 pandemic and the increase in basic food prices. Furthermore, he advised that there are still many Islamic boarding schools in the vicinity which are beyond the reach of corporate CSR because the locations are quite remote and tend to be newly established. "There is great hope, lots of helping hands from outsiders to Islamic boarding schools around here," he said.

Previously, Tugure had also carried out social service activities in the form of providing capital and marketing training to the Indonesian Catholic Women's Small Business Improvement (PPUK) Branch of the Kudus Family Pasar Minggu. The event was attended by the Main Director of Tugure, Adi Pramana, who directly provided assistance to the Chairperson of the Catholic Women of the Republic of Indonesia (WKRI) of the Holy Family Branch of Pasar Minggu, Bernadetha Hadikusumawardani, to be further given to the participants of the Small Business Women Improvement program (PPUK). The ceremony for handing over the aid was held at the Holy Family Graha, Pasar Minggu, Jakarta, last April 19.


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