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Education Insurance for Your Child's Future

In House Magazine
05 Nov 2019
Education Insurance for Your Child's Future

Education Insurance is a well-known insurance product with very useful benefits for your child's future. Education insurance guarantees the education costs of the insured (children) until they complete their education. To receive this protection, customers (parents) must pay an amount of premium according to the period specified at the beginning of the agreement.

When entering a certain level of education, customers can disburse a number of funds, the amount of which is determined by the premium and insurance chosen. In addition, if at any time a disaster occurs to the customer, resulting in permanent disability or death, the customer can still receive insurance disbursement.

Here are some of the benefits of Education Insurance that you need to know:

1. Guarantee education funds for children

One of the protections offered by education insurance is the security and certainty of children's education. Not only guaranteeing children's education funds by giving a certain amount of money, when a disaster occurs to parents, there are several education insurance products that also help pay for their children's education in the future until their education is complete.

This education fund does not mean that it can only be obtained if a disaster occurs. Even if no disaster occurs, this education fund can be taken and will be useful. Through education insurance, parents do not need to seek additional funds when their child's education period has arrived because it will be financed by education insurance

2. Forms of child education planning

If you have purchased an education insurance product, this means that you have participated in planning your child's education. Education insurance products are tailored to the needs and desires of customers.

It is the customer who determines at what level the education will continue, where the education will be taken and the cost. This planning will later determine the amount of monthly premiums that customers have to pay.

3. Provide better financial arrangements

Without realizing it, with insurance, you can control your finances better. The first is that it will be easier for you to apply frugality living habits and saving habits.

Second, you will have emergency funds, savings and investments stored in the form of education insurance. The last is that you can be more responsible for your finances.

Because insurance premium costs must be paid every predetermined period, you will get used to setting aside funds from your income for insurance purposes.

4. Not only education, children's health is also covered

Education insurance products are usually accompanied by health insurance where the insured (child) will get hospital treatment costs if needed. If the child experiences a disaster that makes the child sick or dies, the parents will receive compensation money.

Here, insurance is not only useful for education alone but also useful as life insurance, health insurance. Because this additional insurance is quite useful, before you make a choice, you should ask your agent whether there is additional insurance that can be accepted by the insured complete with terms and risks.

5. Gives a sense of calm

Psychological and mental are things that are directly related to one's well-being. If you are mentally depressed, of course it is difficult to get physical well-being, let alone mental. But this can be overcome by having education insurance.

If a disaster doesn't happen, having education insurance will give you a feeling of security because you already know that your child's education is guaranteed.

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