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Private Vehicle Insurance for Safer Vehicles

In House Magazine
03 Jul 2019
Private Vehicle Insurance for Safer Vehicles

Protecting private vehicles with vehicle insurance has become a basic need for some people. How not, the risk of driving often occurs unexpectedly due to traffic accidents. Just a small example, due to an accident the risk of a damaged car body such as scratches or dents often occurs. If you have this, you need to spend a lot of money to repair your personal vehicle. Not to mention if the accident involves a third party, like you hit another car from behind. Already fell under the stairs, you have to bear the cost double.

So, to avoid this, you need to take advantage of the role of insurance for your personal vehicle. Here are the benefits that you can get from vehicle insurance:

1. Free from extra charges
Insurance frees you from the extra costs that must be incurred in the event of damage to the car. When the car is damaged, you have to spend personal funds to replace parts. Not to mention if the car is lost stolen.

2. Warranty extension options
Car insurance is not only useful for insurance owners. There is an extended guarantee option that can cover damage to other people's cars due to your negligence.

3. Protected from disasters and riots
Insurance also guarantees cars damaged by disasters such as floods or riots. Related to this, of course you cannot predict when a disaster will occur.

4. Able to manage family finances well
What can't be forgotten, there are still fixed costs that you have to pay annually as insurance premiums. The value is relative, depending on the type of coverage you take, the extent of protection, the year and price of the car, and the area where your car is domiciled. So, you can include the cost of this car insurance premium in your family's financial plan so it's not a burden if you have to renew your vehicle insurance policy every year. Meanwhile, you can include the own risk costs that come out when claiming damages in an unexpected expense item. Of course, the hope is that you don't have to pay these costs, aka the car has never had a problem.

5. Extra service
Insurance is not only responsible for paying for the cost of repairing your car at an official repair shop.

6. Maintain the value of vehicle assets
Don't forget that a car is a high-value asset that you must maintain its value. Because one day maybe you want to sell it back. It would be a big loss if the selling price dropped drastically due to not having insurance. Including of course you don't need to be upside down thinking about big costs when the car is in trouble.

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