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Tugure Wins Best Informative Website

24 Jun 2021
Tugure Wins Best Informative Website

Jakarta - PT Tugu Reasuransi Indonesia (Tugure) is delighted to announce that it has received an award in the Indonesia Corporate Secretary & Communication Award 2021. Tugure has been recognized as the winner of the "1st The Best Informative Website" in the Reinsurance Company category.

The Indonesia Corporate Secretary & Communication Award is an esteemed event that acknowledges companies' excellence in corporate communication and their efforts in providing informative and engaging websites. Tugure's achievement in winning this award reflects its commitment to effective communication and providing valuable information to its stakeholders.

Tugure's website has been recognized for its informative content, user-friendly interface, and its ability to effectively convey the company's activities, products, and services to its audience. The website serves as a valuable resource for clients, partners, and other stakeholders, offering a comprehensive and transparent view of Tugure's operations and achievements.

This award highlights Tugure's dedication to maintaining high standards in corporate communication and its continuous efforts to enhance stakeholder engagement. The company will continue to prioritize effective communication strategies and maintain an informative online presence to cater to the needs of its stakeholders.

Tugure expresses its gratitude to the organizers of the Indonesia Corporate Secretary & Communication Award for recognizing its achievements in corporate communication. The company also extends its appreciation to its employees, clients, and partners for their support and contribution to Tugure's success.

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