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Company History

Initially, Tugure only served the insurance needs of the Tugu Group exclusively. Today, Tugure provides services in reinsurance against risks faced by General Insurance Companies, Life Insurance Companies, Guarantee Companies, and/or other Reinsurance Companies.



A Change In The Company Shareholders

A change in the Company’s shareholders occurred from the purchase of all shares owned by the Dana Pensiun Pertamina by PT Tugu Pratama Interindo. Subsequently, an additional capital was made through share conversion mechanism from Rp49.822 billion into 49,822 shares, which were taken proportionally by PT Tugu Pratama Interindo and PT Asriland. The Company also strengthened its capital by converting its revenue of Rp130 billion into 130,000 shares, which were taken proportionally by the Shareholders and cash deposits by PT Tugu Pratama Interindo in a total of 125,000 shares amounted to Rp125 billion.


Company Strength

This year, the Shareholders provided additional capital of Rp9.4 billion and changed the Company’s shareholding composition due to the purchase of all Company’s shares owned by the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia by PT Asriland.



Company Strength

The Company strengthened its capital base by getting additional capital worth Rp19.99 billion from PT Asriland, based on the General Meeting of Shareholders decision on December 19, 2012.


Company Strength

The Company obtained additional paid-in capital from Dividend Shares conversion amounting to Rp10.55 billion based on the General Meeting of Shareholders held on June 17, 2011. In addition, the Company also obtained additional capital of Rp17.12 billion from PT Tugu Pratama Interindo and PT Asriland based on the Extraordinary GMS on September 30, 2011.


The Main Pioneer For Insurance Cooperation

Tugure was appointed as the main pioneer for insurance cooperation among ASEAN member countries under ASEAN Reinsurance Exchange Scheme (ARES).


Establishment Of The Company

PT Tugu Reasuransi Indonesia was established based on Notarial Deed of Raden Santoso, SH, No. 8 dated April 2, 1987.

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