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About Tugure

PT Tugu Reasuransi Indonesia ("the Company") was established on April 2, 1987 based on a Deed of Establishment No. 8 of Raden Santoso, S.H., Notary in Jakarta. The deed of establishment was approved by the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia on its Decree No. C2-4270-HT.01.01-TH/87 dated June 16, 1987, and was published in Supplement No. 809 of State Gazette No. 71 dated September 4, 1987.

The Company amend its Article of Association for several times, the latest article of association amended by a Notarial Deed No. 5 dated August 12, 2019, of Notary Lenny Janis Ishak, S.H., Notary in Jakarta. The latest amendment of the Company's article of association has been approved by the Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia in its Decree No. AHU-0052387.AH.01.02.TAHUN 2019 dated August 15, 2019.

The amendment of the Article of Association contains the ownership changes which strengthened the registered capital along with issued and stored capital, so the Company has the ownership composition, consists: PT Tugu Pratama Interindo 50.74% and PT Asriland 49.26%

Tugure Vision

Tugure Vision

To be a Reinsurance Company that generates optimal and sustainable profitability with regional capability

Tugure Mission

  • 1

    • Serve and assist in enhancing insurance companies through reinsurance cooperation partnerships.

  • 2

     Create sustainable added value to shareholders.

About Tugure
About Tugure
About Tugure
About Tugure

Our Values



We maintain trust of our customer and partners and put it as the main objective of the company.



We understand the needs of our clients as to serve them better.


Gain Together

Through customize products and services, which make us more competitive compared to other insurance companies.



We, in sustainables basis, improve reputation and reliability by implementating policies and punctually.


Reliable Partner

We are committed to provide excellence service and best solutions to serve our customers beyond their expectation



We extend the best solution to provide greater benefits to all customers.

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